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Three Tips for Anyone Expecting an Inheiritance

The odds are good that you will inherit money or assets in the coming years. And, if you’re like most people, you’ll save only half. The largest transfer of wealth in history is underway, with beneficiaries expected to receive $59 trillion over the next four decades, according to a Boston College study. But those heirs will lose, spend or donate half of their inheritances, if a 2012 study by Ohio University ...

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Hester Clark’s Agency Leads Mega Conference in D.C.

Jacksonville entrepreneur Hester Clark is among three prominent Jacksonville Women-owned Business Entrepreneurs who are taking Washington, DC by storm this week for the National Minority Enterprise Development Week Conference (MED Week 2014), the nation’s premier event for minority businesses and the public and private sectors. Hester Clark, Founder and CEO of Hester Group, Anne Urban President and CEO, Des ...

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