BC4F Providing Cakes to Seniors and Needy Youth

Ms. Sonya Adams displays a fashionable cake

Many people use Facebook as a social tool and a method of expressing themselves. For others like Sonya Adams, they have engaged the powerful social networking tool as a mechanism for making a difference in the life of others.
While participating as a member of a cake decorating group on Facebook, she viewed posted information concerning the Birthday Cakes 4 Free organization. After further inquiry, Sonya submitted her application to the founder Elicia Hammond and the Jacksonville Chapter was founded on July 10, 2014.

Birthday Cakes 4 Free is a national organization with chapters throughout 26 states. They provide free birthday cakes to financially and socially disadvantaged kids and seniors. Sonya elaborated, “Once I receive an order, I reach out to the chapter’s 20 volunteers (3 are in high school earning their volunteer hours). They then bake and deliver the cakes directly to the organization or individual recommended.” She continued, “Everyone wants a cake for their birthday and with so many other pressing issue it is not always possible for every parent or family member caring for children and seniors.”

The rules are simple:
– BC4F ask that you give them as much advance notice as possible, so your request can be placed in the schedule. Most of the volunteers work full-time jobs and have families.
– Requestors are asked to be mindful that the organization doesn’t guarantee elaborately decorated professional cakes as the volunteers are not professional cake decorators – they are just ordinary people who enjoy baking and helping others. However they can be assured volunteers try to make cakes as special as possible.
– Generally, BC4F accommodate children to the age of 18 and seniors over the age of 65. Each chapter has specific rules regarding the age group they serve.
– Most cakes serve between 14-20 people and you have a choice between a cake or cupcakes.

For more information or to volunteer for Birthday Cakes 4 Free call 290-3048 or email Sonya Adams at birthdaycakes4freejacksonville@gmail.com or via the web at www.birthdaycakes4free.com.


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