ACLU Sues State Over Felon’s Voting Rights

July 3, 2019 Staff 0
Several civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would require felons to pay court-ordered financial obligations if they want their voting rights restored. […]

Protecting Our Greatest Asset

July 1, 2019 Staff 0
By Fedrick Ingram President, Florida Education Association I’m proud to lead an organization whose mission is to protect one of society’s greatest assets; the public schools. As the President of the Florida Education Association, I’m […]
No Picture

Actor Billy Porter and His Dresses

June 28, 2019 Staff 0
  By Frederick Lowe I am surprised and more than a little mystified why black men are not speaking out about Pose star Billy Porter, a black man who wears dresses and high heels and […]
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