Amazon Launches A Black Hair Shop For Textured Hair

February 12, 2018 Staff 0
None can refute the undeniable influence of Amazon. From original programming to same-day grocery delivery services, Amazon has literally worked to infiltrate every market, much to the destruction of smaller, mom-and-pop shops. Well, it seems […]

Report: Brando and Pryor Were Lovers

February 11, 2018 Staff 0
The Godfather gets made or is it laid by Richard Pryor Quincy Jones said in an interview with “Vulture” that Academy Award-winning actor Marlon Brando had an affair with acclaimed standup comedian Richard Pryor. It’s […]

Was the First Lady of the Confederacy Black?

February 11, 2018 Staff 0
By Frederick H. Lowe Jefferson Davis, president of Confederate States of America, was married during the Civil War to Varina Howell Davis, a mulatto or black woman. Several historians who have studied her and her […]
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